Noteworthy Happy Hours in SOHO NYC

Last updated: November 23, 2023

South of Houston Street, or SOHO, is a distinctive Manhattan neighborhood known for its cast-iron-fronted buildings that house high-end boutiques, chain stores, and leading art galleries. It's a bustling district by day and a lively scene at night, with diverse eateries and bars offering fantastic happy hours.

Happy hour, a time slot for entertainment, is common in fast-paced cities like New York. It generally refers to an after-work period when bars and restaurants offer significant discounts on alcoholic drinks. In SOHO, happy hour goes beyond discounted beverages, featuring discounted gourmet snacks, live music, karaoke, trivia nights, and more.

This piece uncovers some of SOHO's best happy hours, from intimate wine bars to glamorous cocktail lounges. It guides longtime residents, newcomers, and visitors to discover SOHO's best deals and unforgettable experiences.

Best Happy Hours in Soho NYC

Best Happy Hours in Soho NYC

Champers Social Club

I must share my love for the lively SoHo district in New York City, particularly for Champers Social Club. This place perfectly embodies SoHo's mix of historic charm and modern sophistication, pulsing with life and energy.

What's remarkable about this place is it fabulously adapts to a day's changing atmosphere, guaranteeing a pleasant experience. Its happy hour, dazzlingly curated, is the real gem. As five o'clock approaches, the energetic ambiance intensifies with laughter, clinking glasses, and ongoing conversations, all in a relaxed yet elegant environment. It's quintessential SoHo!

Applauds go to the team at Champers Social Club for their warm, attentive service that adds significantly to its allure. Whether recommending their top cocktail, the Manhattan Transfer, or meeting your dining expectations, their dedication is commendable.

Their generously portioned dishes and drinks are just as delicious as they look. They offer various local and international wines, appealing to all wine connoisseurs. The highlight, however, is their signature cocktails, expressing the vibrant spirit of New York City with every inventive sip.

There is a slight downside; navigating through the dense crowd during peak hours can be challenging. But it's a minor inconvenience compared to the overall enchanting experience. Champers Social Club remains a ray of positivity in SoHo, promising a vibrant crowd, memorable evenings, and happy hour comfort. Now, who wouldn't need this refreshing break from everyday life?

Address: 39 1/2 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012

Champers Social Club

Boqueria Soho

In exploring SOHO's vibrant happy hour scene, Fanelli Café stands out with unbeatable rates for its various craft beers. Their drinks are consistently perfect, especially their robust margaritas. Alongside the drinks, the generous serves of their Italian chicken parmesan is a masterful blend of crisp and cheesy.

Furthermore, Mercer Street delivers a delightful surprise in Pasquale Jones. Their must-try dish is the clam pizza - a crunchy, salty crust beautifully balanced with a hint of lemon. The dining atmosphere, underscored by their traditional wood-burning oven, emphasizes the unique taste of their standout pizza.

But note, while the drinks at Fanelli Café are value-for-money during happy hour, the tasty food is full-priced. Nonetheless, the quality and serving sizes, such as pairing the chicken parm with garlic knots, are well worth it.

For brunch delights, I was drawn to a hidden gem—Sunday in Brooklyn. Located in the SOHO district, they offer refreshing in-house almond milk. With a hazelnut crunch, their pancakes play a textural duo while their decadent, earthy mushroom toast leaves an unforgettable impression.

In summary, SOHO boasts a unique gastronomic journey, from Fanelli Café's lively happy hours to the standout dishes at Pasquale Jones and Sunday in Brooklyn. Every place offers efficient, friendly service in a unique setting. Whether you're after a decadent margarita or baking hot clam pizza, SOHO never fails. The minor gripe of undiscounted food during happy hours dissolves against the backdrop of delectable meals. Unquestionably, SOHO offers a culinary landscape worthy of thorough exploration right in the heart of New York City.

Address: 171 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups offers a hearty taste of SoHo. This snug cafe-style eatery holds appeal with its intimate corners and booths, ideal for meals any time of day. Though some may find its smaller size less appealing, I appreciate its simplicity and charm.

The staff at Three of Cups adds to this cozy atmosphere. While service can sometimes be slow, their personable demeanor and helpful menu suggestions usually compensate. This may displease those seeking efficiency, but most patrons, myself included, enjoy the personalized dining experience.

Regarding the menu, make room for the TOC Benedict, with its generous helping of smoked salmon. Another standout is the Brioche Raspberry-Preserve-Stuffed French Toast.

The eatery also offers notable happy hour selections, including a $6 Pinot Grigio and tangy Aperol Spritz. Light bites include a tasty edamame, hummus, and feta dip. A more extensive menu would be welcome.

Three of Cups, while not perfect in service speed or culinary consistency, remains a hidden gem in SoHo. Its superb food, drinks, and convivial atmosphere make it a treasure worth discovering.

Address: 150 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

Wine at Three of Cups

Grand Street

Walking into Onieals on Grand Street in SOHO is like stepping into history. This unique speakeasy-style spot boasts a warm, vintage aesthetic, a lively bar, and outdoor seating if the weather permits.  

Onieals features a diverse menu that caters to a variety of tastes. Dishes range from pleasantly enjoyable calamari to good if not spectacular, burgers. Standouts include Penne Alla Vodka with shrimp and Cajun shrimp spaghetti. For an adventurous palate, their taco pizza offers a fun food fusion, with grilled shrimp tacos as a lighter option. Consistently delicious brunch is a long-time customer favorite.

The cocktail menu is where Onieals truly shines. Recommended drinks include the Kentucky Tea, Dark & Stormy, and an impeccably crafted Martini. Their beer, wine, and spirits lists are robust and varied. 

Onieals prides itself on friendly service. The staff is warm, and the bartenders offer a personal touch with their expertise and impressive recommendations. Though service might occasionally falter, their consistent attention to detail more than compensates.

Having experienced Happy Hour at Onieals, it's a must-visit. Its vibrant ambiance, attractive deals, and varied drinks menu make it a go-to spot in SOHO. Few places offer a winning combination of tasty food, refreshing beverages, a pleasing atmosphere, and an exceptional Happy Hour. Onieals stands out with a spirited vibe and holistic approach.

Address: 174 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

Botanica Bar

Botanica Bar, tucked in an eclectic SoHo neighborhood of vintage boutiques, draws a mix of creatives, professionals, and tourists. It's a refreshing pitstop after exploring the vibrant SoHo fashion scene.

Walking in, you're greeted with an unpretentious air similar to the cozy charm of Ear Inn or Café Habana, minus the grilled corn sandwiches. Botanica's Happy Hour stands out among its SoHo peers, with cost-friendly drinks and a warm ambiance. It’s reminiscent of Café Habana's excellent deals, although 
Botanica emphasizes its wide drink selection.

I favor their house white with olives, and I recommend you try their notorious Bloody Mary if you're adventurous.

Botanica can get extremely crowded at peak hours. It's uproarious and teeming, so grab a seat early. But this potent, unfiltered New York energy makes Botanica hypnotically appealing; it's unapologetically honest.

Address: 47 E Houston St Ste B, New York, NY 10012

Botanica Bar outdoor seating

Little Ways

My wife and I had an exceptional dining experience at Little Ways in SoHo. Praised for its vibrant atmosphere and superior cuisine, the restaurant's Mushroom Pasta and quinoa bowl stood out. Yet, the two eggs and sourdough dish didn't justify its price. A member of out party commended the well-seasoned Crab Linguine.

Amid the trendy SoHo vibe and rustic decor, we savored an Iced Americano and a cocktail named the "Harry Styles." However, a neighboring diner was displeased with a lovely Espresso Martini and tepid white wine—scope for improvement for the management.

Little Ways' charm lies in its garden-like interior, ideal for upbeat get-togethers. Unique features like a mirrored bathroom and a downstairs dance area add to its appeal. However, the DJ's performance the night we visited left room for improvement.

The energetic staff managed exceptional service despite the usual bustle. Their Steak and Frites dish garnered praise for the perfectly cooked steak and delicious fries. Even though it might not be the best place for quiet conversation, Little Ways is an excellent choice for casual outings.

Address: 343 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013

Sullivan Bar

142 Sullivan, tucked in Soho's bustling heart, is a peaceful retreat known for serving an excellent pint, reminiscent of the beloved Mr. Higgins Pub.

The bar boasts a unique character, graced with celebrity photos, a tribute to its celebrated clientele and rich history. This links back to Soho's past, attracting the city's trendy crowd.

One enduring attraction at 142 Sullivan for me, and I presume all others, is its exceptional happy hour. Half-price cocktails at dusk almost feel magical. The wine list is impressive, and the accompaniments are irresistible. The cozy ambiance resembles a quaint Greenwich Village eatery.

When it comes to food, their Chicken Marsala consistently impresses me. Its refined simplicity is memorable, resembling cherished meals at Dean & Dannie's, known for their eggplant parmesan.

The bar's small capacity can be challenging during peak hours. But this minor inconvenience is overshadowed by its historical resonance, memorable happy hour, excellent food, and Soho charm. Simply put, visiting 142 Sullivan is a must when in NYC. It epitomizes the Soho spirit.

Address: 142 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

Grand Eleven

I had the pleasure of visiting Grand Eleven in New York City recently. This unassuming spot has quickly established itself as a reliable neighborhood fixture. Grand Eleven has a welcoming atmosphere with numerous TVs for game viewing and an enjoyable layout that amplifies the convivial spirit here.

The staff was a highlight of my visit. The bartender, Chach, was especially notable for his accommodating, friendly manner that added to the overall charm of the place.

Grand Eleven's Happy Hour shouldn't be missed. I sampled their unique cocktails, including 'Good Morning Greg' and 'Espresso Martinis.' The bartender's skill was evident; each drink showcased well-balanced flavors. Despite a double-charging incident, it did little to mar the overall excellent ambiance.

The food was also impressive, particularly their exceptional onion rings, which offered an irresistible crunch and flavor. These are a must-try and pair remarkably well with the cocktails.

While Grand Eleven shines in nearly all aspects – drinks, food, ambiance, and service - there were times when the service was occasionally slow. This minor issue is only glaring due to the otherwise stellar service. Regardless, it won't deter me from returning. Grand Eleven brings its unique charm to NYC, assuring me that I'll certainly be back for another visit.

Address: 11 6th Ave New York, NY 10013

Grand Eleven Seating


Balzem, in the vibrant Soho district, offers commendable food and a charming atmosphere. The French toast, a highlight of the brunch menu, provides a delightful crunch on the outside and soft inside. The zucchini pancakes radiate a gentle warmth, while the octopus salad bustles with energetic flavors. Standouts include the indulgent Mushroom and Truffle Oil Flatbread. Nonetheless, specific dishes, such as the steak and eggs, don't quite measure up due to overcooking and uninspired presentation.

This eatery's relaxed ambiance encourages a leisurely meal, making it an appealing choice in bustling Soho. The pleasing indoor/outdoor seating arrangement is particularly striking on mild New York summer evenings. Sidewalk dining enables an immersive view of the city's dynamic life. However, I find the music occasionally overpowering, although it adds to the restaurant's spirited personality.

Service at Balzem displays irregularities, vacillating between fast and frustratingly sluggish. Staff members sometimes seemed uninclined to offer attentive service and lacked courtesy while refilling water. Such a slight indiscretion can mar the overall dining experience.

As for the cost, Balzem tends towards the expensive, particularly about portion sizes. For instance, the intriguing Brochette Platter is noticeably bereft of side dishes and attached to a hefty price tag. Still, some dishes, like the Feta and Hummus dips, offer good value for the quality provided.

Address: 202 Mott St, New York, NY 10012

La Pecora Bianca

Post-work, SOHO thrives with people who are eager for its vibrant nightlife. Many are familiar with venues like Cockville Bar, known for its Mellow Monday delights. However, La Pecora Bianca's Happy Hour intrigued me with many wines and remarkable cocktails.

Regarding food, La Pecora Bianca excels beyond esteemed items such as the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich of Piccadilly Delights or Khaki's Cafe's Pink Wave Chicken Sandwich. Though these places earn praise for their crispy, spicy chicken masterpieces, La Pecora Bianca's meticulous preparation and explosive flavors set it apart.

SOHO is famed for lovely eateries like Paradise Cafe. Yet, La Pecora Bianca offers a charming, bustling atmosphere perfect for lively gatherings or quiet evenings, though the noise can increase during busy hours, impacting the intimacy.

La Pecora Bianca shines bright in SOHO's culinary landscape with its distinctive Happy Hour, delectable dishes, and engaging ambiance. While SOHO is primarily known for fashion, the food transforms it into a paradise for gastronomes like me.

Address: 54 Prince St, New York, NY 10012


Epistrophy in New York's Soho district is a favorite of mine. Despite its urban location, it radiates a charming country café warmth marked by an open kitchen and large windows. Its rustic setting is ideal for lively gatherings or family meals.

Epistrophy stands out for its outstanding service. The welcoming staff displays proficiency with minor occasional lapses.

High-quality items on the brunch menu range from appealing avocado toast with a well-cooked egg to soft, flavorful zucchini fritters. The ordinary lemon ricotta pancakes provide a profound taste experience.

Epistrophy's extensive beverage selection shines, particularly the signature coffees. The flavorful latte and warming mulled wine enhance the relaxed elegance of evening visits, complemented by delicious dishes like the orecchiette with radicchio and pancetta.

All in all, Epistrophy's happy hour delivers a memorable experience. With well-crafted drinks and a cozy atmosphere, it serves as a terrific wind-down spot. The challenge of local parking is a trivial downside, given the vibrancy of its location. Epistrophy blends the energy of Soho with the comfort of a tranquil countryside café, delivering a remarkable dining journey.

Address: 200 Mott St, New York, NY 10012


In the heart of SOHO, New York City, you'll find Dante, well-liked for its creative cocktails and flavorful food. The mixologists are experts, crafting delights like Mona Lisa and Bourbon Street cocktails. If you're looking for happy-hour bargains, visit on a Tuesday when the supremely delicious Vava Vegetable Pizza is a must-have.

Any night at Dante promises an energetic atmosphere reflecting the close-knit spirit of NYC. Thursdays offer happy-hour appeal and the standout Zeppelin cocktail. Not just for drinks, Dante’s food is also commendable; the tetrazzini pasta pairs brilliantly with their plethora of beverages. All these elements make Dante a jewel in SOHO's crown.

Thanks to Dante hosting live jazz bands and the intoxicating Berrylicious cocktail, Thursday evenings become remarkable. Its fusion of smoky whiskey and fruity twists complements the zesty chicken nuggets. This blend of food, drink, and rhythm emphasizes the joy of SOHO evenings.

Indeed, there may be nights when Dante gets crowded, indicating its appeal. Despite this, the bustling ambiance can create an unforgettable NYC experience.

Dante personifies SOHO nightlife with its fine beverages, satisfying meals, and energizing jazz music. The place perfectly patches together relaxing fun and superb cocktails, solidifying its reputation with New Yorkers and tourists alike. Dante represents the high standard of crafted drinks in the captivating city of New York.

Address: 79-81 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012

Antique Garage Soho

Antique Garage Soho is a vibrant blend of a vintage bazaar and a top-tier Mediterranean restaurant. Its charm lies not only in its antique-filled ambiance but also in its enticing menu. The main allure is the Mediterranean dishes that evoke fond memories of sunny climes.

A trip to this Soho cornerstone isn't complete without sampling 'Manti' - small Turkish dumplings brimming with lamb and smothered in a garlicky yogurt sauce. Their impressive wine list enhances their culinary proficiency and makes their happy hours truly enjoyable.

The service stands out even during the busiest times. Our server ensured we never felt rushed, and each order was accurately delivered, reflecting unusual customer service in these fast times.

The Antique Garage Soho provides a memorable experience both day and night. The evening diner will appreciate the inviting warmth of vintage bulbs illuminating the antique décor, enhancing the enchanting ambiance. It completely transforms the place after sunset.

Despite the occasional disadvantage of loud background music, Antique Garage Soho remains a gem in the energetic Soho locale. Its appeal rests between its eclectic decor, delectable cuisine, and welcoming vibe. Beyond being a restaurant, it's a slice of vibrant Soho culture worth exploring.

Address: 41 Mercer St, New York, NY 10013

Beautiful Meal at Antique Garage Soho

St Tropez Soho

St. Tropez Soho in NYC is an ideal retreat, offering an excellent happy hour in a vibrant, fashionable setting. Its location among trendy venues captures Soho's unique blend of sophistication and grit. During my recent visit, the comfort and energy of regulars added to the distinct Soho atmosphere.

Amidst numerous Soho eateries, St. Tropez Soho stands out for inventive, immaculately presented dishes. The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and Hawaiian Chili Dog are delicious examples of the chefs' extensive range.

The establishment's happy hour is often a daily highlight for me. The diverse, intoxicating drinks are unparalleled, particularly the Pink Wave, a balanced cocktail impossible to resist.

Introducing "brunch munchies" further enhances the St. Tropez Soho experience. Meant as drink companions, these snacks reflect the restaurant's commitment to an exceptional dining service.

One potential drawback is the crowded happy hour scene, a sign of popularity. However, the efficient staff meets this challenge. In conclusion, St. Tropez Soho delivers an authentic Soho experience, teeming with life, warmth, and charm. Despite its bustle, the compelling food and drinks invite return visits.

Address: 194 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste is a winner with vegetarians and non-vegetarians in NYC's Soho bar district. This eatery encapsulates versatile vegan dining with dishes like the Tibetan Mama bowl and fiery chili sin carne, designed with balanced spices and gratifying portions to cater to various tastes.

The menu emphasizes health, sustainability, and organically-sourced vegetables. Their signature 'prescription bowls,' such as the Magic Miso Soup, play into the wellness lifestyle trend. The restaurant sustains its eco-conscious ethos by leveraging delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats, marking it a progressive dining landmark in this bustling city.

Le Botaniste doesn't limit its appeal to the food alone. Special deals like 'Dinner Therhappy' and happy hours provide an affordable way to enjoy organic vegan food. This place synthesizes affordability, quality, and a warm atmosphere, illustrating their commitment to the customers.

The restaurant's interior tells a story, blending charm with tranquility through its pleasing design. The botanical-shop-meets-apothecary aesthetic with indoor and outdoor seating options enhances the dining experience.

Address: 127 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

Osteria Morini

Osteria Morini, located in SoHo, New York City, epitomizes the city's lively energy. Its bustling scene during happy hour captures the best of the city, further amplified by its panoramic view of SoHo. 

The restaurant's happy hour stands out for its choice of wines and beers, which are recommended and served by efficient staff. Their cocktails leave a lasting impression. The crowd at the restaurant reflects the city’s charm.

The hot honey chicken sandwich was a memorable dish, with spicy flavors tempting the taste buds and balanced by crispy fries. The menu's innovation is visible in the Hawaiian chili dog, a surprising yet enjoyable twist. The Pink Wave chicken sandwich also deserves mention.

Address: 218 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012

Lure Fishbar

Lure Fishbar, nestled within SOHO's unique architecture, remains a favorite. Aligning a seafood-oriented menu with an upscale twist, the taste perfectly complements SOHO's charm, with abundant boutiques and galleries. Deep-rooted within NYC's cultural heart, the oceanic flavors harmonize with a diverse selection of wines, from California Chardonnay to a mature Bordeaux.

With consistently fresh sushi and sashimi, Lure's menu keeps me returning. The elegantly prepared Lobster Crouton starter and the Grilled Octopus stand out, alongside the char-grilled Branzino and fresh steamed mussels in a sharp garlic and white wine broth.

What sets Lure Fishbar apart is the pleasant happy hour experience. A midweek visit unveils an inventive cocktail menu, diversifying beyond traditional mixes. The raw bar provides an excellent pairing, adding to the lively atmosphere.

However, Lure has flaws—service may lag during peak hours. Yet, this minor glitch is overshadowed by the exceptional gastronomic journey the place offers.

Address: 142 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012

The Crosby Bar

SOHO brims with energy. Its architecture is striking, and the shopping is top-notch. The Crosby Bar is a favorite, particularly for its Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, which is consistently packed with spicy, crispy chicken.

If sandwiches aren't your thing, try the Hawaiian Chili Dog. Happy hour transforms the bar into a lively social space. The bartender's cocktails and the brunch-special Pink Wave Chicken Sandwich keep the ambiance upbeat.

The Crosby Bar, like SOHO, blends with the district's architecturally rich scene and upscale boutiques. Fashion enthusiasts would particularly enjoy the reasonably priced boutiques. I remember buying a stylish jacket and bag once.

The outdoors features talented street artists. One such artist and his quirky creations caught my eye; I couldn't resist buying a piece as a gift.

Address: 79 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012

Mother's Ruin

On a recent trip to Soho, NYC, I discovered Mother's Ruin. Situated amid the urban pulse, this restaurant reflects Soho's spirit with its modern yet eclectic ambiance. The brunch menu was a veritable exploration of flavors: the fresh, wholesome Avocado on Toast and the daring Hawaiian chili dog packed with diverse aromas.

The chicken sandwiches outshone the rest. The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich was a spicy, crisp delight that comforted the senses. Meanwhile, the Pink Wave Chicken Sandwich was a standout, a savory treat I couldn't help but recommend to others.

Mother's Ruin's Happy Hour menu, topped by the Pink Wave sandwich, created a unique experience. It's a sandwich not to miss.

The only slight issue was the lack of personal space due to the bustling atmosphere. The place was a delight, mimicking NYC's larger-than-life character in a compact setting.

Address: 18 Spring St, New York, NY 10012

The Spring Lounge

The Spring Lounge, located on the corner of Spring Street in Soho, is a lively neighborhood bar. Promising fascinating people-watching opportunities, its wraparound windows and outdoor seating offer a window to the city's bustling life.

The drink selection at the Lounge is extensive and eclectic. Whether you enjoy an on-tap PBR, a tangy cider pitcher, or fancy cocktails like the unusually named "Ass Juice" or the fruity slushies, there's something for everyone. The concoctions are sure to intrigue even the cautious drinkers out there.

The engaging staff at The Spring Lounge ensures memorable visits with prompt and amiable service. However, occasional run-ins with a less pleasant door staff can slightly mar the pleasurable experience.

The lounge could, however, improve on cleanliness. The occasional whiff of old beer tainting the air reminds me of its roots as a traditional beer garden. It's not the best option for a meal, but the ambiance often makes up for it.

Address: 48 Spring St, New York, NY 10012


As soon as you step into Papatzul in SoHo, New York City, you’re greeted by an ambiance perfectly tailored for everything from friendly get-togethers to quiet family meals.

Papatzul shines with its inventive takes on traditional recipes. For instance, their rendition of the cheese steak sandwich, reminiscent of my favorite from Dolly’s Deli, offers an unforgettable flavor. Their hot honey chicken sandwich stands apart.

Besides their food, Papatzul’s impressive drink menu deserves mention. The Pink Wave, a combination of cranberry vodka, pineapple juice, and Prosecco, strikes an ideal mix of sweet and tart.

Papatzul's happy hour specials stand out, wrangling in various tempting dishes and drinks, all reminiscent of the deals I've enjoyed at Fish Pot and Burger House. It serves as an ideal retreat after a long day.

While the noise level at Papatzul is a notch higher than optimal, it's eclipsed by superb food, stellar drinks, and welcoming vibes. Its prime SoHo location adds to its allure, making it a convenient pit stop for unforgettable cuisine amidst the city's buzz. Give it a try if you're in SoHo looking for unique flavors in a lively locale.

Address: 55 Grand St, New York, NY 10013

The Ear Inn

The Ear Inn, situated in vibrant Soho, is a favorite haunt of mine. It is conducive to relaxation after a busy day or an ideal space for meeting friends, radiating a homely ambiance immediately upon entering. It feels like uncovering a secret treasure in the sprawling maze of Manhattan.

Entering the Ear Inn, I'm reminded of laid-back afternoons at Moondara. This relaxed, old-fashioned pub offers a tranquil break from New York's usual bustle. The walls are steeped in history, making it an optimal setting for unwinding, watching a football game, or conversing with a stranger.

The natural attraction at the Ear Inn is the stellar food. Equivalents to Circa Brewing Co. and Jack's Wife Freda, the Inn has a beautiful selection of dishes guaranteed to please any palate. The Happy Hour menu enhances the culinary journey even more. Dishes like their chili dogs, reminiscent of Moondara 
ones are standout picks, exploding with flavor and crunch from fresh onions.

To end the night right, try their baked goods. Their chocolate croissants are on par with Balthazar Bakery. Best savored with their High Mountain Oolong from SOHO Tea Trading, it's the ideal finish to a pleasure-filled evening.

One downside is the potential crowding during Happy Hour, echoing Spicy's Cantina, which only enhances the city's nightlife scene. My tip is to secure a good seat early. Eventually, a visit to the Ear Inn transcends simply a meal or a drink - an enriching experience for our bodies and souls.        

Address: 326 Spring St, New York, NY 10013

Soho Park

Visiting Soho Park parallels experiencing the heart of SOHO, NYC. The spirited vibe permeates, making it a perfect nightly hideaway. Its expansive menu presents a culinary adventure, and noteworthy is its exceptional whisky collection.

The signature happy hour at Soho Park exemplifies New York's after-work tradition. The assortment of alcohols and cocktails expertly pairs with their versatile appetizer platter, appeasing taste and satisfaction.

In the food aspect, Soho Park goes toe-to-toe with high-end dining locations. The Pink Wave Chicken Sandwich is a flavor-packed treat, splendidly paired with their craft beers. And the sweet-spicy dynamic of the Hawaiian Chili Dog is unforgettable.

Nonetheless, not all dishes shine equally. The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, with its intricate sweet-spicy balance, may be an acquired taste. Still, paired with their excellent Golden French fries, it's worth a try.

Address: 62 Prince St, New York, NY 10012

Dos Caminos

If you're seeking authentic Mexican cuisine in SoHo, Dos Caminos on Broadway is worth a visit. As a frequent guest with my family, I can attest to its lively ambiance, primarily driven by its energetic and efficient staff.

Despite a perpetually packed house of locals and tourists alike, the service quality doesn't falter. Skilled staff maneuver between tables, maintaining peak professionalism, even in crowded hours. But it's not only the immaculate service that keeps us returning, it's also the food.

The flavor-rich menu of Dos Caminos elevates the dining experience. As a guacamole enthusiast, I'm convinced their version of this staple dish is second to none. Moreover, the hefty servings satisfy even my family's robust appetites. From the fiery Shrimp Ceviche to savory Chicken Enchiladas, the offerings never fail to delight and leave us yearning for more.

However, Dos Caminos can become rather loud, especially at peak times. This minor shortcoming is balanced by the vibrant atmosphere and culinary excellence. If a calm, romantic setting is what you're after, this might not fit the bill. But it's an ideal spot for those who relish the dynamic SoHo vibe.

Address: 475 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

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