What Does AI Think of the Five Boroughs?

Last updated: November 23, 2023

AI Generator Stereotypes of Average Person in the Five Boroughs

Hold on to your subway hats New York lovers! We're diving deep into the streets of NYC with a fun AI twist! Have you ever wondered what makes a true Manhattanite tick or what's brewing in the diverse cauldron of Queens? Well, we're about to see how artificial intelligence interperates stereotypes linked to the folks of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island!

What does GPT4 think?

We asked GPT to "describe a stereotypical person from each of New York City's five burrows." After a fair bit of hedging and disclaimers about the potentially hurtful nature of stereotypes, it spit out the following. 

Manhattan: Manhattanites are often depicted as fast-paced, career-focused individuals, possibly working in finance or the arts. They are fashion-conscious, often donning designer brands, and have a penchant for upscale dining and sophisticated cultural events. They might be perceived as always being in a hurry and potentially somewhat aloof.

Brooklyn: Brooklyn residents are often stereotypically seen as hipsters – young, creative types interested in alternative music, vintage fashion, and artisanal coffee. They might be involved in the arts or tech industries and value individuality and progressive, eco-conscious lifestyles.

Queens: Queens residents are often depicted as incredibly diverse, representing many cultures and languages. They might be portrayed as hardworking middle-class individuals, often with a strong sense of community and family, enjoying the rich tapestry of ethnic cuisines in the borough.

The Bronx: Individuals from the Bronx are often portrayed as having a strong sense of local identity and pride, possibly with an interest in hip-hop culture and street art. They might be depicted as resilient, community-oriented, and passionate about their local sports teams, especially the New York Yankees.

Staten Island: Residents of Staten Island are often seen as more suburban and might be stereotypically characterized as having a more relaxed pace of life compared to the other boroughs. They might be depicted as valuing family and tradition, often with a strong connection to their Italian-American heritage.

Midjourney's Take

GPT was a bit underwhelming, so we moved on to Midjourney, where we asked for images using the prompt "photorealistic image of a 'stereotypical person from <Brooklyn>, New York.'" This is where things started getting interesting! 

Staten Island

Staten Island Character

Staten Island Dour

The Bronx

The Bronx in Leather Jacket

The Bronx w/ Kind Eyes


Brooklyn Hip

Brooklyn Layers


Manhattan Youngster

Manhattan Drinking Coffee


Queens with Hat

Queens with hat also

Midjourney When Asked for Ladies

The first round of images leaned heavily towards older men with dour faces and lots of layered plaid. So, we modified our prompt to request 'stereotypical woman from <Manhattan>, New York.' The results are below:

Staten Island

Staten Island with tattoos

Staten Island Readhead

The Bronx 

The Bronx  w/ earrings

The Bronx 


Brooklyn fashionable

Brooklyn wave hair


Manhattan sheik

Manhattan Young lady


Queens artsy


Queens character


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