Best Bubble Tea Options in Buffalo NY

Last updated: November 23, 2023

Introducing bubble tea, a unique beverage making waves globally. Originally named pearl milk tea, this drink debuted in Taiwan in the 1980s and has since become an international sensation. Bubble tea combines high-quality tea, creamy milk, and chewy tapioca pearls–a fantastic mix of flavors and textures to satisfy any palate. This Taiwanese delicacy has spread across continents, captivating taste buds worldwide.

In Buffalo, the second-largest city in New York, bubble tea has found a warm embrace. Known for iconic foods like buffalo wings and beef on 'weck,' Buffalo boasts a robust and multicultural food culture. In recent years, the city's culinary landscape has seen an influx of international flavors, including bubble tea, reflecting the adage - variety is the spice of life.

This article delves into Buffalo's very best bubble teas. Whether you're a Buffalo native or a visitor, our guide is meant to help you discover the city's diverse bubble tea scene. So, join us as we unearth the world of bubble tea in Buffalo, New York.

Best Bubble tea in Buffalo NY

Best Bubble tea in Buffalo, NY

Cow Bubble Tea Cafe

I was initially skeptical about my first visit to Cow Bubble Tea Cafe in Buffalo. Still, my kids, updated on beverage trends, convinced me otherwise, creating a surprisingly unique experience. With time, I've come to appreciate the bubble tea obsession, especially at this quaint place near the South Campus.

The cafe boasts an array of flavors, which at first seemed daunting but ended up catering to my kids and my differing tastes. I savored a deliciously unique passion fruit tea with tapioca, a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness. Meanwhile, my youngest enjoyed a summer tea with fruits, though managing the bulky pieces was tricky.

What sets Cow Bubble Tea Cafe apart is its superior product quality. The drinks exude an exclusive texture derived from authentic tea brewing techniques. The Thai tea with lychee jelly was not overly sweet and had a balanced taste. The coco lychee stood out with its vibrant and robust flavor, complemented by actual lychee bits. And my health-minded wife appreciated the low-sugar passion fruit tea with green tea.

The only downside was higher pricing for some drinks. Despite the exceptional quality supporting the cost, frugal customers might reconsider. The exciting ambiance, prompt and polite service, and quality beverages make for an appealing overall experience.

Address: 3500 Main St Ste 340 Amherst, NY 14226

Bubble Tea at Cow Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea world

I first discovered Bubble Tea World in Buffalo, NY, and was immediately struck by its relaxed atmosphere. When I tried their Taro Milk Tea, its creamy, sweet flavor with chewy tapioca balls instantly captivated me.       

I returned with friends to try the Honeydew Melon Tea, its aroma and taste surpassing our expectations. This sweet, milky drink quickly became a favorite, leaving us wishing we'd found it sooner.

In Buffalo, I frequently sought refuge in Bubble Tea World, especially on rainy days. On one such occasion, I tried their Matcha Bubble Tea, which, paired with their excellent pastries, turned a dreary afternoon into a delightful experience.

The staff at Bubble Tea World serve fantastic drinks and create a welcoming environment as they guide guests through the menu. It's rare to have impressive service and products in one venue.       

Bubble Tea World is not without its flaws, though. During peak hours, one can expect long waits. However, the exceptional quality of their drinks compensates for it, making the wait seem like a sweet torment. So, if you're in Buffalo and craving a superb drink, I highly recommend Bubble Tea World.

Address: 304 Main St Buffalo, NY 14202

Milk and Tea

Buffalo's bubble tea scene is expanding, and Milk and Tea is a noteworthy spot. As a connoisseur, their Pineapple Green Tea and Lavender Taro boba teas proved unique and refreshing. This novel tea creativity is commendable.

Their menu showcases diverse cuisines. Although they initially served me a pork potsticker instead of the veggie version, they quickly corrected it. The veggie fried rice was bland, but the Banh Mi perfectly filled the flavor gap. The Korean beef, unfortunately, went untasted this time.

Milk and Tea is more than a bubble tea shop – a trendy lifestyle hub. The stylish interior is a fantastic setting for dining, attracting trend-conscious individuals of all ages.

The staff at Milk and Tea stood out for their attentiveness and hospitality. Even when minor errors occurred, such as forgetting to add boba to a slushie, they swiftly set things right, affirming their dedication to good service.

While the pricing at Milk and Tea leans towards the premium, the superior tea quality and engaging experience justify the extra cost. The food portions are generous and satisfying. Notably, their Vietnamese Pho served in a large bowl, is worth every penny. A trip to Milk and Tea in Buffalo, NY, promises an exciting culinary journey in a classy setting.

Address: 2312 Delaware Ave Buffalo, NY 14216

Strawberry Milk Tea

Boba Stop

On multiple visits to Buffalo, NY, I discovered a standout spot, Boba Stop. This outstanding establishment offers an authentic bubble tea experience, arguably the best in town. Their selection stands out due to the wide range of flavors, from the delicate taste of chocolate and strawberry to the genuine matcha flavor.

The defining factor of their bubble tea is the balanced sweetness that enhances the natural flavors. The "boba," or tapioca pearls, maintain the chewy texture typical of bubble tea.

Beyond its standard menu, Boba Stop shines with its specialty milk teas. The creaminess from the milk pairs excellently with the flavor-infused boba, a combination worthy of praise.

Additionally, the nostalgic ambiance at Boba Stop is reminiscent of quaint tea shops in Taiwan and has become a popular spot for Buffalo's young people. The natural quality of their drinks and the welcoming atmosphere have made it a social hub.

One slight downside is the extended waiting times during peak hours. But considering the quality and authentic experience they deliver, it's a minor inconvenience. Boba Stop has become a crucial part of my Buffalo visits, one I readily recommend for anyone seeking top-notch bubble tea.

Address: 1 Walden Galleria Dr. Buffalo, NY 14225

ICHA cafe

Located in Buffalo, NY, ICHA Cafe has become a firm favorite of mine, thanks to its diverse bubble tea options. Every flavor has its unique taste, reflecting the café's commitment to crafting a personalized tea experience. Their Taro Milk Tea with Pudding was exceptional.

As a vegetarian, finding a good hotpot in Buffalo was difficult until ICHA. Their Vegetarian Hot Pot was excellent, proving that dietary requirements do not constrain taste. Even though I haven't tried their Buffalo Chicken Pizza, my meat-loving colleagues give it a thumbs up.

ICHA's charm isn't just about their bubble tea—the sandwiches they serve rank among the city's best. The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, in particular, showcased the quality of freshness. However, the Pink Wave Chicken Sandwich stood out with its unique flavor profile.

ICHA Cafe's ambiance may be cozy, but the space is limited. Their expansive brunch selection, however, more than makes up for it. ICHA Cafe is a valuable addition to Buffalo's food scene, offering a unique experience with excellent bubble tea, fresh sandwiches, and a diverse menu catering to different dietary needs. It is a must-visit on any trip to Buffalo.

Address: 1300 Sweet Home Rd Ste 102 Buffalo, NY 14228

Mocha Green Tea

Honey Bear Bubble Tea

A visit to Honey Bear Bubble Tea in Buffalo not only satisfied my thirst but also provided a unique bubble tea experience. Honey Bear's bubble teas are distinctively different, using honey as a sweetener, giving their drinks a natural sweetness. Their beverages are also less icy, making each sip enjoyable until the final drop.

Honey Bear focuses on perfecting a few bubble tea flavors rather than offering an overwhelming variety. This commitment to quality is reflected in their prices, which some may find higher but justify given the healthier ingredients and overall value. Apart from their signature teas, they also serve bubble waffles and popcorn chicken, enhancing the flavor experience.

The staff's understanding of the product, attentive service, and ability to recommend the perfect beverage adds to Honey Bear's appeal. Coupled with their signature honey-sweetened bubble tea, their exceptional service sets a high standard.

The vibrant decor featuring boba plushies and anime posters adds to the overall charm. The uncommon Ube flavor caught my eye, providing an exciting twist. I enjoyed my bubble tea while my kids marveled at the decorations; the experience was wholesome and delightful. Honey Bear Bubble Tea impressed with its focus and sincerity in delivering a unique bubble tea experience.

Address: 2806 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150

Tea Leaf Cafe

I couldn't leave Buffalo, NY, without a visit to The Bubble Tea Spot. Known citywide for exceptional bubble teas, I was quickly drawn in. I first savored the Honeydew Melon Bubble Tea, the sweetness of which, balanced with the signature chewy tapioca pearls, was delightful.

On my next visit, I chose the Pink Guava Bubble Tea. Its refreshing flavor was perfect for a warm day. The café's calm ambiance gave a pleasant break from a busy day of exploration - its tranquility only enhanced by the consistent texture of the tapioca pearls.

Mango Bubble Tea was another discovery I made at The Bubble Tea Spot. The mellow tea and intense mango sweetness offered a refreshing contrast. The chewy tapioca pearls gave a tantalizing texture that made the drink irresistible.

To experience the entire array, I finally ordered the Lychee Bubble Tea. The vibrant, balanced lychee flavor rivaled the tea's refreshing nature. The quality of the chewy tapioca pearls remained consistently excellent.

As a traditional tea admirer, I must admit the robust fruit flavors occasionally overshadowed the subtle tea tones. However, this slight misstep does not diminish my perception of The Bubble Tea Spot. With a wide variety of flavors and high-quality ingredients, it's a cherished highlight in Buffalo, NY, both for locals and visitors alike.

Address: 4224 Maple Rd Ste 124 Amherst, NY 14226

Teaxpresso Cafe

Teaxpresso Cafe is a must-visit in Buffalo, NY, particularly for bubble tea enthusiasts. Its refreshing offerings are rooted in quality tea leaves and various flavors, with staples like matcha and playful variants like honeydew. For bonus sweetness, try the tapioca pearls or popping boba.

Beyond drinks, Teaxpresso impresses with inventive food options like their reinvigorated waffle sandwich. Their strawberry and cream iteration is particularly noteworthy, balancing sweet and savory. Patrons frequently call it 'to die for.' Traditionalists may prefer the standout cheesecake.

The cafe's ambiance enhances the overall experience. Its relaxed atmosphere is ideal for a daytime break or casual meet-ups. Staff are warm and attentive, boosting the feel-good factor.

The drink menu extends beyond bubble tea. Their unique Charcoal Smoothie and sweet Snickers Smoothie are among the intriguing selections.

A minor caveat would be the overwhelming variety of bubble teas for first-time visitors. Yet, having an excess of delightful options is rarely a problem. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Teaxpresso Cafe deserves a spot on your Buffalo agenda.

Address: 2323 Sheridan Dr, Tonawanda, NY 14150

Lucky Koi Bubble Tea

Lucky Koi Bubble Tea in Buffalo is an unmissable stop for bubble tea fans. As a recurring customer, I assert it offers some of the finest teas, including my favored Passion Fruit - a dynamic mix of sweet and tart.

The shop's environment extends past the beverages with a warm and friendly ambiance. Interactions with staff are always inviting, enhancing the overall experience.

The broad menu promises to delight your palate. Be it Funky Taro Milk Tea or the traditional Matcha and Vanilla, there's a flavor for everyone.

A key distinguishing feature is the ingredient quality, evident in the perfectly chewy tapioca pearls. They strike the right taste and texture balance, delivering a pleasant sweetness with every gulp.

Beyond teas, their snacks, particularly Taro Chips, are worth noting. Their unique flavor and crunch are enticing, though they can occasionally become too salty, particularly when paired with a sweet tea.

Lucky Koi's atmosphere is a draw, rendering it more than a tea shop. It's a clean, cozy retreat, ideal for unwinding and appreciating simple things.

Address: 3216 Main St Buffalo, NY 14214

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