Best Bowling Lanes in Bellingham

Last updated: December 9, 2023

Bowling combines athletic talent with a social bond, entertaining professional and casual players. The venue plays a significant role in the experience, and Bellingham, Washington, is home to several high-quality bowling alleys.

Bellingham offers a variety of bowling venues, from state-of-the-art lanes with the latest equipment to vintage alleys with a nostalgic vibe. Some bowlers prefer a casual environment for a friendly outing, while others seek advanced lanes for professional practice.

This guide presents the top bowling alleys in Bellingham, WA, each with a unique offering - ambiance, community, food and drink choices, or glow-in-the-dark bowling. With these diverse options, your next extraordinary bowling experience is likely waiting in this vibrant Pacific Northwest city.

Best Bowling in Bellingham

Best Bowling Lanes in Bellingham, WA

20th Century Bowling

I recently visited 20th Century Bowling with my family. Located on State St. in downtown Bellingham, WA, this vintage bowling alley provided an enjoyable trip down memory lane. The well-worn interiors and cozy lanes gave us a sense of warmth and joy. This alley is not about glamour—it's about the love of the game and the bonds created while playing.

The integrated arcade games were an added delight to our visit, keeping the kids entertained even when they weren't bowling. Though the classic Pac-Man machine was a hit, I found myself drawn to the bowling lanes, the main attraction.

The typical snack bar provided a needed break between games. Our burgers and french fries meal was classic bowling alley fare, though the burgers were overcooked. 

In terms of pricing, I found 20th Century Bowling to be affordable, offering a good old-fashioned family outing. When an error in billing occurred, the attentive staff quickly corrected it, maintaining a cheerful atmosphere throughout the night.

The small staff efficiently managed the busy crowd, creating a welcoming environment. My experience was positive, and I would not hesitate to recommend 20th Century Bowling for a fun family escape. The ice cream we enjoyed at nearby Mallard's was a sweet ending to a delightful evening.

Address: 1411 N State St, Bellingham, WA 98225

lanes at 20th Century Bowling

Mt Baker Lanes

Mt Baker Lanes in Ferndale (a short drive from Bellingham) is known for its meticulously kept lanes that are the backdrop for countless family moments and friendly gatherings. The knocking pins and rolling bowling balls enhance the familiar setting.

These well-kept, vintage lanes evoke a comforting nostalgia. Far from a contemporary bowling alley, this venue reveres bowling, celebrating the sport with a grand air. Beyond bowling, Mt Baker Lanes entertain patrons with pool tables and arcade games, creating an enticing mix of amusement options.

The food offerings are unexpectedly good; Mt Baker Lanes is renowned for serving a decent pizza. Leaving the alley to get to the bar for an order can be inconvenient, but the vittles make this worth doing. Match this pizza with their indulgent pudding shots, and one's evening becomes especially memorable. The drink menu features a diverse selection of locally brewed Bellingham beers, supporting local businesses.

The standout quality of Mt Baker Lanes, though, is its staff. Far from stereotypically sullen, this team is dedicated to making you feel part of their bowling family. The leagues and casual players alike appreciate the sincere service they consistently deliver.

Address: 1788 Labounty Dr, Ferndale, WA 98248

Park Bowl & Splitz Grille

We recently discovered Park Bowl & Splitz Grille. The contrast in ambiance compared to typical bowling alleys was immediately noticeable due to its modern amenities and comfortable communal areas.

The bowling center's commitment to cleanliness was prominent, which was comforting amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The numerous sanitation efforts certainly contributed to our overall peace of mind as we enjoyed our evening.

However, the venue needs to pay more attention to regular lane maintenance. Although not a deal-breaker, this oversight is worth mentioning as it somewhat affected our experience.

The standout feature was the bar's customer service—comparable to old friends' kindness. That said, we noticed room for improvement in the service at the Front Desk and Food/Drink Counter, which seemed slightly inconsistent.

Food at Splitz Grille exceeded our expectations, with quality dishes all around. The children enjoyed their pizzas and burgers, while we were delighted by a tasty turkey grinder and a batch of nachos.

Bowling combined with excellent food led to a memorable experience; minor hiccups notwithstanding, it ranks as one of our favorite family destinations in Bellingham. We bowled, we feasted, and we left satisfied!

Address: 4175 Meridian St, Bellingham, WA 98226

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